Service Pricing Strategies

Quan Navarre is organized into three distinct customer driven service pricing strategies designed to best fit your particular situation and current needs. These strategies provide high value IT support services addressing your most pressing IT needs.

Companies that have less than 50 employees will likely save money by contracting an outside consultant to handle the management and expansion of their network systems.  Quan Navarre offers companies a variety of pricing options based on hourly and/or retainer rates that typically beat the costs associated with hiring full time employees.  Most computer systems at small companies typically require 5 hours or less per week of management.

Companies with more than 50 employees may have some IT staff handling the "nuts and bolts" day to day operation, but it may not be economically practical in investing full time management of the department.  Another common problem is that your staff may not be available to effectively handle ongoing or new projects.  The benefit of truly managed IT resources pays dividends in efficiently identifying long-term IT strategies and bringing experience in identifying alternatives including possible long and short-term cost reductions. Quan Navarre can provide that IT management or ongoing project staff on a part time (scheduled) and/or on an on-call (interim) basis.

  • The Quan Navarre "Scheduled IT Services Support Plan"
    This strategy works well for clients that need the ongoing expertise of an IT networking team but is not yet ready for a full time equivalent position to support critical infrastructure.  External IT support has become a powerful resourcing option that is recognized as one of the best ways of strengthening the IT team. Scheduled IT Services is an economical method of providing growing organizations with IT resources on a predictable and planned basis.

    Under this strategy, Quan Navarre becomes an integral part of your IT organization.  Our staff can be regularly scheduled to be on-site based on your requirements.  On-call availability can also be arranged.

  • The Quan Navarre "Project Services Support Plan"
    Provides Incremental Support for Existing IT Teams. Under this strategy, the client gains all the benefits available of the Quan Navarre Scheduled IT Services Support Plan, with the added flexibility of being able to obtain support on a project by project basis.

    This strategy works well for organizations needing to deal with projects or IT issues that are potentially critical situations.

  • On Call Support
    For clients that simply want to address IT projects on an ala-carte basis.

Whether you require interim support for your existing IT Team or you desire to have Quan Navarre provide the entire support structure, we can work with your organization to customize the best fit for your company's needs.

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