Change Management

Effective Change Management policies and procedures are absolutely critical in today's business environment.  Even small changes in software or hardware can have far-reaching effects on the enterprise. Benefits of an effective change management program include:
  • Well communicated change strategies that involve affected business units as well as IT.

  • No more "we didn't know there was a change" or "who changed something?"

  • Scheduled changes no longer negatively or unintentionally impact upstream or downstream customers of the enterprise.

  • Fully distributed accountability and sign-off on scheduled changes.

  • Well thought out and tested backout plans.

  • Improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • "Emergency" changes are practically eliminated and all other changes are scheduled and publicized well ahead of when they need to occur.

The Change Management process while relatively easy to define is, for many who have attempted, extremely difficult to execute. Quan Navarre can assist you in defining the IT Change Management process that is right for your enterprise, and in selecting and implementing Change Management software.

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