Service Levels

No one wants to overpay for IT Support.  Quan Navarre works with you to identify and provide the level of support necessary to fit your organization's needs.  We provide support for all IT team levels from staff to management positions or a combination of skills.  Our flexible skill based service pricing strategy assures that you pay only for service you need.
  • IT Management
    In response to the demand for these key players, Quan Navarre offers services under either the Scheduled or Interim IT Management Service Plans.  Our managers are highly experienced individuals who provide a low risk option for dealing with IT resource issues.

    Hiring a Quan Navarre IT Manager allows difficult situations to be dealt with in a fast and flexible way without jeopardizing the short term stability of the IT organization or compromising long term resource options. Quan Navarre managers shoulder full line management responsibility as part of your organizational structure and they operate within your clear and well-defined objectives.

  • IT Staffing Positions
    Because our staff works with system designs and troubleshooting networking configurations on a daily basis, we bring our experience to your network needs. Our relationships with technology vendors and our extensive training provide you with the tools and staff necessary to get your systems back into operation quickly. The combination of your staff's knowledge of the in-house systems, and our staff's experience and understanding of network issues result in quick resolution of network problems.

    Regardless of the size of your organization, whether it operates a few computers or hundreds, Quan Navarre is experienced in tailoring all types of network configurations using the talent and resources necessary to design, install and maintain fully integrated systems that meets your objectives.  We take the time to understand your business and operations, and then provide the best solutions for your company.

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