Desktop, Server and Network Hardware Upgrades

The process of upgrading corporate IT infrastructure can be very hard on a company. In addition to the cost, an upgrade has the potential to disrupt day-to-day operations while the new systems are installed, configured, and tested. New and unfamiliar programs, new procedures - even small hiccups in a major upgrade can quickly balloon into costly downtime.

We address all aspects of hardware upgrades.  Whether you are considering replacement of individual network components or replacement of the entire system, Quan Navarre manages the introduction of new hardware from specifications to final testing through to end-user acceptance.

We handle challenging configurations from load balanced and clustered server architecture to mixed network environments, to multiple office locations. We have experience with organizations in a variety of professional disciplines including legal, engineering, financial services, and manufacturing.

Quan Navarre analyzes problems from multiple angles - technical, economic, and strategic.  Using experienced staff from both the technical and end-user prospective, we give you solutions in language you understand while never losing sight of your long-term business goals.

IT support professionals, each day face frustrated end users, temperamental PCs, and uncooperative servers. With Quan Navarre's Desktop Support, your staff will have the benefits of years of experience providing you with solutions to desktop problems quickly, while educating your end users on proper PC usage procedures.

Our staff manages the technical issues and human interaction that is all part of the desktop support territory. Whether you're working with Windows NT, 2000, 2003, or XP; Quan Navarre provides the resources to tackle almost any desktop problem.  Some examples:
  • Coordinate, automate and track system updates.

  • Set up and manage Help Desk operations.

  • Prevent or solve Windows issues.

  • Improve end-user relations.

  • End-user training.

  • Maximize the use of MS Office Suite.

Success is measured in the details. Quan Navarre provides customized desktop support for your organization.

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